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2020 & 2021 has emphasised the need for zero contact. Zero contact deliveries, virtual meetings and what not! 

On the same thoughts, touchless or zero touch fixtures have become the new normal! Not only helping us avoid the germs & viruses, touchless fixtures have many other benefits.

If you are going to upgrade your kitchen, it is most beneficial to go for touchless fixtures! 

Touch less faucets are very convenient and moreover helps you to conserve water! 

Benefits of touchless faucets:

Touchless fixtures are seen mostly in public places like restaurants, airports, malls etc. But they can be beneficial for your household too. Here’s why

  • Preventing Germs: 

We use kitchen faucets several times a day and most of the time germs are associated – like cleaning garbage bags. With traditional fixtures, there is contact between our hands that carry germs & the faucet spout. This exposes us again to the germs that we wanted to clean in the first place. Zero touch fixtures limit the germ exposure to contact. 

  • Convenience: 

With touchless fixtures, there is no need to switch on and off manually. When your hands are full, which is the case almost always when you are working in the kitchen, zero touch fixtures work out like a boon! 

  • Water conservation: 

With the sensor in place, water automatically shuts off when we remove the hand from the tap, thus saving more water. Water wastage is drastically reduced with touchless fixtures. 

  • User friendly, smart kitchen: 

Kitchen taps are most often used excessively by adults, old aged and kids. While old people might have problems with turning the conventional taps, kids may forget to switch it off.  With touch less fixtures, both the problems are solved. 

One thing to note here, touchless faucets may be a bit expensive than the normal faucets, but on the longer run maintenance & water conservation makes them worth it.

How Touchless or Zero Touch Faucets Work?

Now that we have discussed the benefits of having touchless fixtures, let’s understand how a touchless faucet works. 

Basic four components of touchless faucet are sensor, valve, power source and a spout. 

When there is a motion, the sensor captures the motion and sends a signal. With the help of a power source, the value is engaged or disengaged to control the water flow, and the water will flow through the spout. Once the sensor detects no motion, the water flow will be cut off. 

Voice Activated Faucets

Technology advances have made all our homes smart. And there are smart faucets for the smart automated homes. You can control the flow of water with just a voice command. Most faucets are compatible with all the voice assistants! If you are planning to automate your house, this will be a value add for the automation system. 

Factors to consider before buying zero touch faucets:

  • Accuracy 

We would want the water to flow immediately, just like a conventional tap would provide water. But at the same time, the sensor should not activate for slightest of movement which would waste water. 

  • Power Source

This is the main thing to consider, whether you are getting a battery powered faucet or faucet that operates with an electric power source. Ensure that the power source is always there for the continuous supply of water. For that either battery powered faucets should be better or there should be power backup for the faucets during the time of outages.

  • Compatibility & Finish

If you are rebuilding your kitchen, compatibility and finish may not be a issue, but if you are upgrading just the kitchen faucet, check if the faucet will be compatible with the existing sink and also the finish that will go well with the sink & interiors of the kitchen.

  • Extendable arm 

Nowadays faucets come up with stretchable arms that come handy while cleaning. Think about the purpose and you can select touchless faucets with extendable arms that you can use when needed. 

  • Preference & Usage

It all boils down to the preference. If you are someone who works with both hands, like handling meat or gardening or pottery, then touch less faucets may be the way to go. 

Here are some suggestions for Touchless Faucets:

DELTA: Trinsic VoiceIQ Pull Down Touch – Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O

  • A Faucet that works smarter
  • Pairs with google Home & Alexa
  • Fills releases custom flow &
  • quantity of water on voice command

ROCA: L20 Basin sensor faucet(DC Cold)

  • Energy saving
  • Simply contemporary
  •  Sustainable and smart

VITRA: Aquatech Wing Photocell Basin Mixer  (Mains – Double Water Inlet)

  • Extra Water Saving
  • Green Building Certification
  • Infrared Controlled
  • Self-recharge with waterflow

Kohler: Graze® Kitchen sink faucet with KOHLER® Konnect™ and voice-activated technology

  • Voice command activated
  • With manual override for power outage  
  • Elegant design
  • On demand usage for water conservation

These are not the only options available for touchless faucets! Visit our evolve showroom in chennai or coimbatore to experience the various faucet options available & buy the one that is best suited for your needs.